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Best Practices

Investment Philosophy



Recognize limitations


Consider risk more than returns




Process orientation


Search for antifragility


Alignment of incentives


  • Venture Capital
  • Growth Equity
  • Mature Buyouts

create dynastic wealth & impactful giving


  • Volatility Parity
  • Defined Outcomes

fund annual budget & maintain your lifestyle


  • Cash cushion
  • Opportunistic Cash
  • Hard assets
  • Insurance

manage risk, create a margin of safety, & fund opportunity

Investment Strategies



Successfully back tested take on the risk parity strategy


Balancing the volatility of asset classes to maximize geometric return


Downside Protection Strategies


Using cutting-edge technology platforms, we employ both option strategies and structures notes purchased directly from the dealer desks of major Wall Street Banks to create investment strategies with downside protection.


Our process cuts out the feeds layered by the middleman, significantly reducing the cost drag on returns. This allows us to offer higher upsides in these investments than other firms.


These strategies are customized to meet the goals of your family and operate within your risk tolerance.





Evaluate your outside investment managers


Analyze fee & incentive structures


Review your adherence to strategy, tax efficiency, holding overlap, and turnover


Combine reports of all your asset managers providing you a full picture

Oversight of your existing private investments



Stepping in for you on the board and monthly one-on-one meetings with the CEO


Providing high-level resources to assist in corporate development to support growth through M&A considerations


Implementing a compilation of best practices to find areas for improvement


Handling the exit of businesses when a sale is requested, or the economics are no longer viable

Due Diligence of New Private Investments


Functioning as your deal team to provide comprehensive due diligence of new investments you are offered


Capacity to analyze businesses from early stage ventures to mature entities


Emphasis on tax efficiency when considering transactions


Our model revolves around investing in high-margin, low capital intensity businesses where technology can be disruptively applied. Our main focuses are:

- Healthcare

- Enterprise Software

- Fintech

- Brands


Best Practices Book



Create and maintain a best practices book - a compilation of what has worked for our highly successful clients

-  Always a work in progress, with frequent audits and amendments

-  We implement non-negotiable best practices


Apply the best practices across portfolio investments


Provide a framework for entrepreneurs to build their businesses

-  This will not be limited to existing businesses; it will also function as a road map for new ventures we invest in and the entrepreneurs who lead them

Investment Strategies & Advisory

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies