Through a five-pillar service offering, Castellan aims to be a generational partner with our families. We operate with our two primary goals of simplifying our clients' lives and improving their returns.


pillar one - investment strategies & advisory

Castellan has created a number of proprietary investment strategies that emphasize management of risk exposure, discipline, a process orientation (not outcome), discipline, and avoidance of fragile situations. Our current investment strategy offering includes:

  • Targeted Equity (factor)
  • Volatility Parity (multi-asset)
  • Targeted Income (dividend)
  • Income Growth (dividend)
  • Opportunistic Structured Notes (defined outcome)

In addition to asset management, we also offer the ability to provide oversight of other investment managers for other families that have existing relationships. We, as a family office, are extremely conscious of the effect that fees can have on compounding over the long-run and we prioritize alignment of incentives through our fee structures.


pillar two - private investments & oversight

Through our in-house deal sourcing abilities, investment processes, and deal structuring experience we provide accredited investors the unique ability as a financing partner to provide capital across all stages of the business lifecycle, from pre-seed venture capital to private equity exits for mature businesses. Our focus is on equity investments, but we are open to exploring debt and mezzanine securities if the risk-adjusted returns are attractive. We also have the ability to structure Qualified Opportunity Zone investments.


In addition to structuring new private investments, we also offer the unique ability to take over the oversight of your existing private holding, providing them strategic resources and access to our proprietarily-created book of best practices.

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pillar three - tax strategies & estate planning

We, through coordination of both your and our own advisors, work to improve existing tax planning and the development of innovative tax strategies. We are able to assist with the preparation of the monetization of private investments, forecasting future tax impact, maximizing wealth transfer through the implementation of various legal vehicles. Also, through our Pillar 2 investments, we offer the ability to structure opportunity zone investments.


pillar four - philanthropy & legacy planning

Through direct, hands-on collaboration, Castellan offers a comprehensive legacy planning process that allows families to bring their family vision and charitable goals into a tangible reality. As our focus is to be a long-term partner, we actively take a role in education of the next generation to be stewards of the family values and assets. We also assist in the creation and operational management of family foundations and actively advance grantmaking ideas.


pillar five - reporting & risk management

In conjunction with the above 4 pillars, Castellan actively works to keep you informed on the performance of your entire universe – Castellan-managed strategies, other managers, private investments, etc. – through financial reporting, with individualized commentary to provide the right context, for each client to provide a full and detailed picture.

As part of our commitment to risk management, we also step in to coordinate with outside legal advisors to manage special litigation situations and legal entity governance. Castellan also advises on select opportunities for insurance policies as they arise.